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Yearbook 2022-2023

Why buy a yearbook?

Students at NHS are hard at work making this year’s yearbook to document our unique stories. Yes, you will want to buy it! 


You're going to want to have this piece of history to look back on this year, and to show your friends and family what you went through in order to make your high school experience special. 


How do I get in the book?

Yearbook students are working diligently to include as many students as possible in the yearbook. Nothing is worse than not seeing yourself in the yearbook. Don’t be that student!


Feel free to share your photos with yearbook students by messaging the @NHSGalaxy account on Instagram. Or respond to posts throughout the year to share your information. You can contact us as many times as you want to be featured as many times as possible.


How do I buy a book?

For those interested in purchasing a yearbook, click here and you will be directed to the North High School’s online Yearbook purchasing site. Books are now $70 so place your order now to secure your copy!


Senior Ads

Parents of seniors interested in celebrating your senior’s achievements can feature a senior ad in the yearbook. Seniors can also purchase ads for friends, feature your friend group with pictures and a message that will last a lifetime! 


If you are interested in creating a forever memory for your student in The Galaxy, click here to create an account and upload your memories for the page to be created!


The same pricing applies if you would like to purchase a Business Advertisement for the yearbook. This can also be done in partnership with other parents to represent friendships, siblings, and dedications.


The website allows you to design an ad unique to your student with baby pictures, sports pictures, family photos or other photos you believe celebrate your rock star senior! If you don't have design skills, that's okay, email the yearbook adviser Mrs. Ince at [email protected] and yearbook students can work on the ad for you.


The Making of a Yearbook

The North High Yearbook class does much more than publish, sell, and market the school’s yearbook. Students learn how to work together to catalog the diverse memories of 2,000 students school wide. They create a product that keeps memories alive for a lifetime while learning valuable skills connected to business, journalism, photography, design, and leadership.


If you or your student is interested in learning more about yearbook, contact Mrs. Ince at [email protected] or have your student schedule an appointment with their counselor.