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Distance Learning & Yearbook

Yes, the yearbook is still being made! Yes, you will want to buy it! This year is unlike any we've ever experienced. You're going to want to have this piece of history to look back on this year, and to show your friends and family what you went through in order to make your high school experience just as special as any other year.


How do I get in the book?

Nothing is worse than not seeing yourself in the yearbook. Don't be that student! 

Every week, we'll post a google form to submit pictures and answer questions to get yourself into the book. We want to hear from you! Click on the link to fill out this week's google form! You can fill out the form every week to be featured as many times as possible! The link can also be found on our yearbook Instagram each week, follow us for all the latest yearbook news! @northgalaxyyearbook


How do I buy a book?

For those interested in purchasing a yearbook, click here and you will be directed to the North High School’s online Yearbook purchasing site. Books are now $65 so get your book before prices go up!


Senior Ads

Parents of seniors interested in celebrating your senior’s achievements can feature a senior ad in the yearbook. Seniors can also purchase ads for friends, feature your friend group with pictures and a message that will last a lifetime! By clicking here, you can purchase either a full, half, or quarter page ad featured in the Senior section of the yearbook. The website allows you to design an ad unique to your student with baby pictures, sports pictures, family photos or other photos you believe celebrate your rock star senior! If you don't have design skills, that's okay, email Mrs. 
Ince and she can design your ad for you!



If you love taking pictures at school events and want to see your photos featured in the yearbook, download the replayit app or access When registering, search for North High School, Bakersfield Ca to ensure that your photos make it to the right place!


The Making of a Yearbook

The North High Yearbook class does much more than publish, sell, and market the school’s yearbook. Students learn how to work together to catalog the diverse memories of 2000 students school wide. They create a product that keeps memories alive for a lifetime while learning valuable skills connected to business, journalism, photography, design, and leadership. If you or your student is interested in learning more about yearbook, contact Mrs. Ince.