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Principal's Message

Welcome back, Stars, to the second semester of the 2018-19 school year.


I hope all of you have enjoyed a relaxing holiday season with friends and family, and are ready to give your very best for this next semester.  For our seniors, congratulations!  You’ve made it to the final portion of your high school experience.   I want to encourage you to continue to work hard and finish strong!  Graduation is only short time away, and we look forward to celebrating the amazing success stories that will come from the class of 2019!


North High School is very blessed to have amazing teachers and support staff who are fully committed to the success of our students.  As we begin a new semester, my encouragement to all students is to follow your passion and fully engage with one or more of the many opportunities North High School has to offer.  We are so very blessed to have unique programs at North that help you "Prepare to Succeed" in life after high school.  Whether your future goals are to go to college and earn degrees for future employment, earn a pilot's license, become a scientist, learn how to program and build robots, design or build a house, work with animals, fly a drone commercially, play in a symphony, sing in a choir, run your own business, become a graphic artist, run your own t-shirt shop, or be engaged in the business of agriculture, you will find a program here at North that will help you fully develop your skills and grow your interests.  We want the very best for our students, and are working hard to make sure we offer programs that provide hands-on, real-world experiences that go beyond the classroom, connect with local and regional business and industry, and provide opportunities for both high school and college credit, as well as skills and/or certifications that open doors for employment.  North High School is a great school, and we are so very happy to serve you, our students.


Have a great second semester!


Mark Balch