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Stars on Point

Stars On Point
A multi-tiered system of support for students and staff
As part of North High’s commitment to student success, NHS reinforces the pillars of success, trust, ambition, respect, and spirit for all students and staff.  
Students are taught these pillars in a series of lessons throughout the year; are rewarded for demonstrating these pillars on campus; are offered opportunities for reflection when pillars are not upheld; and are given opportunities for intervention when necessary.  This system encourages positive behavior both on campus and beyond and creates a culture of positivity at North High.
Tier 1:
At the most basic level, Stars On Point aims to teach students expected behaviors on and off campus and acknowledge when positive behavior is demonstrated.  Students have the opportunity to earn “Star Bucks” in class and around campus which are entered for raffle prizes each week. In addition, teachers acknowledge a small handful of exemplary students quarterly who model the STARS pillars on campus.  
Tier 2: (Intervention)
For students needing more support, intervention services are offered that include small group sessions to help students thrive at North High.  These group sessions tackle issues including:
Substance abuse
Anxiety, depression, grief
Anger, and more
Tier 3: 
For students whose needs cannot be met by the group interventions offered at Tier 2 alone, one-on-one counseling and referrals to outside services are available with our school social worker.  These “Tier 3” services will only be required by a small handful of students, but it is part of North High’s commitment to ensure ALL students can be successful and thriving.

✩✩ Please reach out to your student’s counselor if you are interested in referring your student for Tier 2 or 3 services.


In the Classroom
In the Hallway
In the Cafeteria
 In Locker Rooms
Campus Activities



Be organized and prepared
Complete assignments
Be on-task and on time
Walk with a purpose
Use appropriate language
Eat a well-balanced breakfast and lunch
Use dress-out time appropriately
Follow locker room procedures
Follow specific school procedures and rules
Get involved
Show good sportsmanship



Demonstrate academic integrity
Respect others’ personal space and belongings
Engage in positive conversations
Be where you are expected to be
Be an “upstander”
Use food and silverware as intended
Clean up after yourself
Take only what is allowed
Respect others’ personal space and belongings
Create a safe environment
Keep electronics put away
Show integrity 
Use school property as intended
Follow instructions
Build relationships with students and staff



Have a positive work ethic and mindset
Set new goals and strive to achieve them
Be in class before the tardy bell rings
Take care of personal needs during passing periods
Respect others’ personal space and belongings
Find a seat
Keep your area clean
Encourage others to be prepared
Practice good hygiene
Show your best effort
Be where you are supposed to when you’re supposed to be there
Try something new



Use appropriate language
Treat others as you would like to be treated
Use electronics appropriately
Use earbuds when using electronics
Take care of hallway items (posters, lockers, displays, etc.)
Say please and thank you
Use appropriate language and volume
Wait your turn in line
Use appropriate language and gestures
Be positive and open minded towards others
Respect others’ personal space and belongings
Use appropriate language
Be kind and be open minded to others
Pick up after yourself



Give positive encouragement
Participate enthusiastically
Pay attention to school announcements
Read and respect signs and posters
Practice Kindness towards others
Be friendly
Participate in lunchtime activities after eating
Be inclusive and welcome others to join
Be joyful and participate
Wear PE uniform daily
Embrace your school community and legacy
Wear school colors and logos
Support your school and respect your opponent


Students with Awards More Winning