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North High- Shout Outs!

Shout Outs!

Dec. 13, 2019


Mrs. Dutto gives a shout out to coach James for making sure your team is ambitious and successful! I appreciate your communication and enforcing with your girls that they are STUDENT-athletes-thank you!


Mr. Dutto gives a huge shout out to "The Crew" for multiple days of clean-up on the old gym, a.k.a. "The Barn", and the old girls locker room for the Lloyd Williams Basketball Tournament! You helped show North's best to visiting schools! And a special shout out to Lati and Lilly for never stopping until the job is done!


Mrs. O’Connor gives a big congratulations to the Ag Banking team for winning 1st place and bringing the sweepstakes trophy back home! You all rock!


Mrs. Alfaro gives a shout out to Mrs. Robles & Ms. Molina for everything they do in the Career Center to support students. You two are the BEST!


Mrs. Pascual gives a shout out to all the teachers who have attended SST meetings this semester.  The Counselors really appreciate your time and feedback!  Way to model being STARS ON POINT!


Mrs. Dutto gives a shout out to the A.I. Crew .  Thank you for all your time, patience, and effort you put in for our students. You all are wonderful team mates and I appreciate you helping make the program great. 


Mrs. O'Connor gives a shout out to her 6th period floral class, you guys have been working hard completing arrangements and your holiday wreaths! Your hard work does not go unnoticed, thank you!


Carlos Monzon gives a shout out to all Custodians and Grounds staff.  Thank you for keeping our campus' grounds safe and clean, and going above and beyond to provide a safe, clean, learning environment here at North High.

Mrs. Medeiros gives a shout out to Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Dauner, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Johnson and all the North ELA stars! Thank you to my amazing colleagues who have helped me out these last two weeks. I am truly blessed to work with such amazing and wonderful people! 


Mrs. Sears gives a shout out to Mrs. Holloway.  Thank you for working hard to start the Star Pantry. It is amazing to have a resource for on campus that provides meals and supplies for students that need a little extra support during their times of need.


Mrs. Papac gives a shout out to all the I.A.s on campus.  Thank you so much for helping our students become successful inside and outside of the classroom. You guys are amazing!


Mrs. Joslen gives a shout out to Miss Espee.  Thank you for always helping with the Safe School Ambassador Program and for always being there for all students! 


Mr. Alatorre wants to give a shout out to the mock trial team. All of you did great at round one. I am excited for the rest of the season, keep up the great work!


Mrs. Welliver gives a shout out to Mrs. Traci Irwin.  You're an amazing person. We appreciate all of your help, and we couldn't do it without you!


Ms. James gives a shout out to my 4th period class.  Thank you for being on POINT with the subs this week!


Mr. Bertrand gives a shout out to Jazz Choir and Chamber Singers.  You all have been AMAZING this caroling season spreading positivity and holiday cheer for North High School. You should be proud of how hard you’ve worked. Mr. Bertrand is so proud of YOU!


Mrs. Russom gives a shout out to Tyler Ward and Wilson Redfarren.  Thank you for your skilled labor in moving my Jamboard!


And remember, if you have someone you’d like to shout out to, you can submit one online by going to  Again, that’s


And now for your Star Bucks raffle prize winners!  

Alex Mayberry showed success in Mrs. Gannaway’s class.

Daysie Zuniga was successful and ambitious in Mrs. Russom’s class.

Faith Bradley showed respect to Ms. Sears.

Carlos Paz was successful in Mrs. Begin’s class.

And Shelby Perrigo showed success to Mr. Branson.


Great job for everyone who received Star Bucks and a special congratulations to our raffle prize winners!  Mrs. Russom is out today, so stop by DA-6 on MONDAY to collect your prize.


Staff, next week will be your last chance to submit Red vs. Gray points before the end of the quarter!  Gray team is currently holding a slight lead with 1,967 points to red team’s 1,821.  Show your spirit and submit those points!