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Grief Crisis/Action Plan

1.    When we become aware of the North High School death, all Administrators, (if it is the weekend, call Principal at   home), the Counseling team, Program Specialist, all office personnel, security and teachers of that student should be alerted immediately.

  2.  The lead counselor will gather factual information. The Administrator in charge should issue a concise, factual   bulletin/memorandum to all staff members as soon as possible.

  3.  Administration will alert KHSD office and deal with media representatives.

  4.  Safe/support room locations should be designated and the location included in the bulletin. The Fireside room and Community Counseling room might be utilized. If the student is active in band, choir, ROTC, Agriculture or sports, one of these sites may also need to be designated.

  5.  The grade level counselor will follow the student’s schedule to   offer support and answer questions. The remaining counselors will staff the safe room(s) and/or be visible on campus as needed.

  6.  Students who are emotionally distraught may go home with parent permission.

  7.  Administration will decide if outside counseling services are needed.   Dr. Moyer (KHSD #53105) will send District psychologist or social workers if requested by principal.

  8.  KHSD protocol has the site Registrar drop the deceased student from school.  Security should clear the student’s book and gym lockers and bring items of a personal nature to the lead counselor.

  9.  The lead counselor and staff will offer condolences to the family by sending a card or letter, making a phone call and/or attending the service.

  10.  Memorial services are the responsibility of the student’s family. Parents can request that their students be excused to attend the memorial services.

  11.  Counselors and teachers need to be observant during this time and identify high-risk students for on-going intervention and support.

  12.  Grief counseling, done individually or in small groups, should be on going. A procedure for self-referral should be in place.

  13.  It is important to resume a normal school day as soon as possible